Saturday, 24 November 2012

Good day at the market

I attended my local village market today with my little knitted and crocheted bits, along with things I make from vintage fabrics. Given that the forecast looked like this this morning:

we weren't exactly expecting much in terms of turn-out.

Nonetheless, the market had moved to a different venue from before - indoors for most of us - in the lovely bright village hall. I set up, got a lovely big mug of tea and settled down with the end of my Kingswood cowl.

As it happened, the weather stuck to being nasty and wet rather than torrential and stormy as predicted, and quite a few people in barbours and wellies turned up! Business wasn't exactly booming, but I had enough big sales to make it definitely worth coming out for.

Of course, as is usually the case whenever I attend any markets, I end up spending all my earnings with other stalls! This time I was rather sensible and "only" came away with a beautiful Welsh Spalted Beech key ring and a very special treat of Welsh cider-washed cheese - perfect peppered with garlic and baked in the oven for a rainy day treat. All I need now is to actually find the house keys I was going to put the key ring on...

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  1. Congrats on a good market day! So glad to see the bags you've made out of the fabrics I found for you in Paris! Bon appétit as for the cheese!