Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bringing light

Today is Lucia day in Sweden - it is considered as the darkest day of the year and to celebrate the light returning, we have candle lit processions and serve saffron buns, or "Lucia cats".
It is possibly my favourite holiday, an occasion for a magical moment of a quiet breakfast by candlelight with the darkest of mornings still looming outside...and wearing tinsel in your hair!

This year however, I have opted for a distinctly warmer, fresh of the needles, tomte-hat. I am still looking for a good translation for "tomte". The swedish word is used both for Santa and for these small house-goblins who are kind in looking after your home and your animals but mischievous in their love for Christmas food...They are also the ones who get accused if anything goes missing in the house and turns up in a funny place!

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