Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I'm here, I'm here!

I haven't actually vanished. Well, I did, for a little bit, to the beautiful South of France, to the small town of Apt in the Luberon. Just one, long, lazy week of drifting from market to aperitif to lunch to another aperitif and the occasional flea market thrown in.
I was asked to fill out a survey on my way home and found myself ticking "gastronomie" as one of the reasons for my trip....this would be why:

I also discovered the joys of an "Indian"....no, not a nice Korma on a friday night, but an Orangina with a dash of Grenadine in the bottom.
I never normally drink fizzy drinks, but I am a hopeless sucker for a bit of nostalgic design, and Orangina also makes the funniest adverts!

Knitting? Well, there was a little bit of that, nicely coordinated with the surrounding plane trees.

It's a big sloppy sweater for me in Drops Bommull-Lin - a rather unexpected project as I have an obscene amount of yarn to get through at home, but was led astray by a friend who told me about The Wool Warehouse. How I've not come across this site before is a mystery, but Drops at £1.50 a ball meant both his AND hers summer sweaters! Gorgeous yarn to knit with too, there weren't many things I could have managed to work with in 35 degree heat either but this just glides really nicely on the needles.

Back home, I was confronted with this:

For scale, that is my "big" vegetable knife there. For those of you who grow your own vegetables, you will already be familiar with the infamous "courgette glut". Yes, if I haven't been keeping up with the blog as much as I should, it is because I am elbow deep in batches of ratatouille and chutney and warming soups for the winter. But I may just have something veeeeeeery exciting to show you all come thursday, so don't forget to check back then ;)

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