Sunday, 26 January 2014

Norwegian Grey

First finished object of the year! And this time it's not going anywhere near a washing machine...
I started this sweater when I first learnt to spin two years ago - this Norwegian fibre from the very reasonably priced Adelaide Walker was some of the very first I ever bought.  It originally came as braids of white, grey and brown fibres but
I decided I was bored of knitting stripes, so I borrowed a drum carder and spent many very very very boring hours carding the best part of a kilo of fibre together to make this blend. I am never carding anything ever again.

The yarn is made up of three plies, knit on 6mm needles. Sweater is a basic top down construction, the woven braids on the cuffs and the tag on the back are woven by my friend Jan, which makes this a really extra hand made garment, I think.



  1. Really lovely! It must have taken you forever! But one you'll treasure for years to come

  2. A real labour of love! The satisfaction of seeing it finished must be great.