Thursday, 28 March 2013

Manly Man Hat

Here's something I should have posted a while back but didn't quite get round to taking pictures of 'til now:

Marks Manly Birthday hat.

It was spun from this gorgeous, custom-dyed Bluefaced Leicester and Silk fibre from the endlessly helpful Marianne from Picperfic who put up with me changing my mind back and forth about fibre contents and exact shades of grey and amounts of blue acceptable for a perfect stormy sky and all my other pettiness.
The braid was so pretty when it arrived I barely dared to start spinning it in case I muddled up all the colours.

But spun it I did, and in secret too, as Mark was inconveniently off work that week so I had to try and squeeze it in whist he was sleeping, and knitted it up using the Exeter Hat pattern which was a very good, quick knit and makes for an smart manly hat.


  1. You've done a great job of spinning and knitting Mark's manly hat!

  2. I think Arlo (your kitten) is saying: I want one too....