Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What I did in my Easter Break....

This weekend I met someone wearing the Inga cardigan by Rowan - the lady wearing it was working in her slightly chilly haberdashery, and looked so fantastically cosy in the thick, crocheted, multi-coloured tweedy fabric that I longed to wrap myself up in something similar then and there.

As it happened, I was visiting my mother at the time - a lady with a formidable yarn stash and a short attention span: she knits in a completely opposite manner to mine: where I like huuuuuge, cosy endurance knits, preferably in a single shade of grey or dirty green, my mother produces delicate little multicoloured delights, the more shades the better, but as long as it reaches around her neck once, that's all she needs.
Luckily for me, this means lots and lots of left over yarns! A trip to her basement is as good as visiting any yarn shop but without the paying part, and on this occasion it did not disappoint: probably a nearly complete set of the amazing Holst colours in a mix of qualities, but all the same thickness, perfect for my take on the cardigan.

I didn't think that the original shape would suit me and we didn't have the pattern at home - patience has never been my strong point and I was itching to cast on - so I devised an idea for a straighter, kimono jacket with a similar shawl collar. I am working it with the fine yarn held double - at the moment it does feel really very stiff and itchy, but I have every faith that it will soften and relax with washing and wearing. I'm really enjoying the actual stitch, a very simple 4 single crochet, 4 double crochet pattern which creates something so much more interesting than a plain stripe whilst still only working one colour at a time. 



  1. Good luck with your project, glad you found the yarns you liked (and thank you for leaving the bright pinks and purples behind!) - Mum.

  2. oooh I love that cardigan...very much! Love the colours in your version!