Sunday, 21 April 2013

Finding gold...

So spring is really trying its very hardest to spring, and gave us an opportunity to tackle some of the heavier gardening we've been waiting for. Amongst them, a bit of a re-organisation of our garden to finally install the raised bed we got at Easter and get rid of last years unsuccessful grow-bags.

I did have some help...most of which is currently smeared across our kitchen floor...

It may have been mostly down to the miserable wet summer we had last year, but I didn't think a single thing had grown in there, all of it wiped out either by enormous slugs or just bad drainage. But when I started transferring the earth into the new bed, I started finding tiny little balls of pale yellow gold! The tiniest, sweetest little potatoes, prettier than anything in Marks & Spencers miniature vegetable aisle! Something edible had actually grown!

I also took up and transplanted the healthy looking strawberry plants for use on our allotment, and planted my little tree peony which I have high hopes for.

In knitting and crochet news, I have reached the large shawl collar/ border on the coat of many colours. Since I like setting myself stressful and unrealistic goals, I'm hoping to have it ready and washed for Wonderwool on Saturday...

Also progressing quite effortlessly is my "handbag knitting" ie the project I keep in my handbag for emergencies: doctors waiting rooms, major traffic jams, being on hold on the phone to the gas company... I stole the idea straight off Jan in my knitting group who brought in a shawl in the new Zauberball Lace 100% wool - just completely plain to let the yarn do the talking, and on slightly bigger needles than the yarn requires for an airier and more textured fabric. Mine is in the 4ply 100% wool as that is what I had at home, but the effect is similar.

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