Monday, 29 April 2013

The spoils of war....

So here it is, my unusually restrained pile of goodies from Wonderwool:

From back to front:

- About half a Shetland fleece, washed but pretty fresh off the sheep
- A pottery bowl bought at Erwood Station Craft shop on the way back
- containing a selection of cotton and silk embroidery yarns ordered by my mother
- 2 balls of Noro Silk Garden bought at a bargain price, to replace a hat that my aunt has lost.
- Buy of the Day: 100gr pure cashmere fibre in very subtle pebble colours, and only £15!
- Small amount of orange merino fibre for edging my hand spun Glacier Sweep
- Two big braids of Blueface Leicester from Oliver Twist. I'm planning on spinning one ply of each and plying them together.
- My hard-won skein of Fleece Artist SeaWool in Stone
- 2 hanks of pretty Juno yarn for my mother and one of her friends
- piece of dyed cotton scrim from Oliver Twist - apparently this is used in felting (?) but I'm just planning on hemming it and wearing it as a scarf!
- piece of patchwork fabric from Brecon.

Did you go to Wonderwool this weekend, or maybe some other yarn show? If so, what goodies did you come back with?

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