Monday, 9 September 2013

At last!

It took a little longer than expected, but it is finally here....and it is beautiful!
Our very own, very exclusive, very limited edition Elfyn's Lace yarn

A gorgeous and soft 2ply lace weight spun from the very first fleeces of Mr Owen's Bluefaced Leicester lambs - prize-winning lambs, no less, deemed special enough to be exported to Dubai to head up new flocks of Bluefaced Leicesters there! Only the very best in this yarn ;)

It is available in its lovely natural white colour as pictured here, and in hand dyed colours too, of course, as quickly as I can get them in and out of the pan!

We've only got 100 hanks of this yarn all in it while you can :)

In other news, we went down the farm last night and picked up the Black Welsh fleeces for this years Gower Wool,  personally handed over by the proud owner herself: our niece Ffion. She thought the bags seemed a little on the light side and made a valiant effort at "catching one more sheep to pluck it" on the spot, but the sheep were having none of it.

These black fleeces will be going off with the Bluefaced Leicester ones this week and hopefully be back in delicious DK form in 6 weeks time!

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