Monday, 2 September 2013

Still a little summery

This summer has been lovely, properly warm and sunny and perhaps not entirely productive in terms of yarn pursuits. And although the forecasts are allowing us a couple more weeks of warmth, the temperature has at least dropped back to that luxurious level where it's still warm enough to craft outside but finally cool enough to start working with wool again!

My big sloppy sweater is progessing nicely, just over half a sleeve left now:

And after a couple of months of really unfortunate eczema on my hands which left me unable to touch even the finest cashmere and merino without flinching, my skin has healed enough for me to be able to spin again. I didn't realise how much I'd missed it!
These are two plaits of Oliver Twists space dyed Bluefaced Leicester bought at Wonderwool earlier this year - I plan to spin them seperately and then ply them together for a two-colour yarn where each ply goes through its own colour changes like some of the yarns that inspired me to take up spinning in the first place.

The purple is spinning up rather nicely, isn't it?
I have 200gr of each colour, so hopefully I'll have enough yarn at the end for something a little bit more dressy than yet another shawl...maybe something like a Verdant shrug ?

Photo: Skeincocaine through Ravelry

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