Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cardiff Office Wear, Winter 2013

In my mere-mortal day job, I work as a designer in the office of a joinery. The building is unheated at night until someone comes in and gets the wood burner going, and it has an amazing capacity for holding the cold in! As a result, I usually end up putting more layers on when I arrive than I had on in the car!
This is my "First cup of tea in the morning" look:

Nonetheless, this all serves as a fantastic justification for my knitting, and yarn buying. The other day I realised that there was a freezing cold gap between the top of my socks and the bottom of my leggings under my jeans. A little bit of stash-busting and much 2x1 ribbing later:

Improvised Leg Warmers in Colinette Hullabaloo...I think the colour might be Fushia, there are a few that look similar.

I now have the warmest ankles this side of the Severn Bridge. And I'm quite impressed with how much I'm managing to knit from stash at the moment too.

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