Monday, 14 January 2013

When yarns grow up

I really love getting mail from customers showing me what they've made with the yarns they've bought.

Over Christmas, the wonderful Elsa, a lady of great lace-knitting skills (and a talented painter, too, check out her beautiful greeting cards here ) shared her recently completed linen wrap with me.
This was the original yarn, 100% Linen in Raspberry Crush:

And this the resulting wrap:
 Beautiful, isn't it?

Some of the Gower Wool roving has grown up too! The quite excitable IrellaVent nearly strangled her postman waiting for her parcel to arrive, but it did, and now it is beautiful yarn! I still havent had a chance to try spinning this myself, but seeing these pictures, I just can't wait!

In the immortal words of Basil Fawlty: Happy customers? We ought to have them stuffed....

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